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About Us

Background, experience and resources behind Satswana

The origins of Satswana go back to the early 80’s when two people met whilst working with the London Stock Exchange. One was to pioneer the installation of digital dealing rooms, the other worked on the satellite distribution of their information feed.

In the 90’s they came together within the first Business Internet Service Provider in London. One aspect of their work was the satellite broadcast of the Usenet feed throughout Europe. The business was purchased by Level 3 Communications as their entry point into Europe from the USA.

In the 2000’s they were involved with prototype hybrid communications (satellite switchable to GSM) and conceived the concept of diverse routing of encryption keys to secure international messaging, especially payments.

In 2010 Satswana (the name of the local language) was chosen as the name for a ground station in Botswana to track the low earth orbit satellite constellation of Globalstar. This aspect of our projects has not proceeded yet.

Working on the plan to create secure encrypted messaging a Limited Company was formed in 2014. It became a “provider” of the regify™ product when it was established that this German Company had already produced an almost identical specification.

Satswana Ltd. developed further relationships within Cyber Security solutions, specifically becoming a reseller for ThreatStop’s Threat Intelligence system, and the “data at rest” encryption product of Vormetric, now provided internationally by Thales Security.

In late 2016 a division was formed to provide “fractional” Data Protection Officer Services  to organisations requiring support to comply with GDPR.  That has now become the dominant business area of Satswana.

Since then we have been privileged to be in a position to continuously develop our expertise as Data Protection Officers, working with Schools, Local Authorities, Charities and Commercial Organisations.